This site is all about movies. The categories ranges from unreleased movies to the long forgotten films.

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A Movie Flood is coming – which will be reviewed?…

We live in a time of the film-industry era where the film-production studios seems to “drown” the viewers with floods of constant new movie releases. This can make it quite difficult as a viewer to keep track of which movies that are good and which that are bad. But it is also importantas a movie-lover to know what great movies to watch from the past. Just because a movie is new, does not necessarily mean that it is better than older movies.

“Flood of Movies” is a site dedicated to the great movies through time. The site focuses on all sorts of movies – memorable, horrific, unforgettable, overwhelming, gruesome, romantic and the list goes on. 

So far, “Flood Of Movies” have reviews of the absolute must-see movies which contributes to the art of feature films. But the site constantly updates, so remember to follow us in order to see what new reviews – and other things -that we update the site with.

META Keywords: “Movie reviews”, “Forgotten movies”

META Description: ”We have reviews of movies which we believe contribute to the art of feature films. We review a variety of genres including movies of the future.”


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